Hello there!! 
Thank you for stopping by our little space on the internet! We will currently live in the crazy hot state of arizona and will soon be trading it for cloudy and rainy days when we move to seattle Wa in the near future (after our wedding this fall!)  Avery joined our family on 6/25/11 and we couldn't be more happy or smitten!

 A little bit about me! Im itty bitty, I studied photography in college, i never thought i'd have kids (!!), I have a weekness for anything with a collar, stripes or polka dots. I'm addicted to all things mid century
but I also modern!

 Brian is a wonderful dada and also a talented singer songwritter! 

 Gosh, where do I start with Avery. Um she is just all around amazing? Haha but seriously she has the best little attitude she loves: helping mama anyway she can, apples, dancing, taking baths, going on adventures, repeating and learning new words, walking (more like running), her bebe doll and dolly, reading books 24/7 not exaggerating!!

This is my lovely little family!

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