Friday, March 8, 2013

It's been (or was) raining all night and morning and well, rainy days are my FAVORITE! There's just something about them! They make me want to cuddle up in bed with some hot tea or coffee and a good read maybe watch a movie and later go splashing in puddles! Needless to say it's sunny now and the puddles are already drying up (come on arizona!) Our big move up to Seattle cannot come soon enough! Here's a little wish list of some rainy day goodies!

1//pillow to relax with
2//a lovely kettle (perfect companion for a chemex) from my newest favorite shop
3//cozy blanket in one of my favorite colors
4//what's a rainy day without some yummy chocolate especially when it's got such awesome packaging!
5//comfy sweater with the cutest elbow pads
6//love this enamel mug
7//constellation mug is pretty neat too!
8//tea cup printed button down?? YES PLEASE!
9//classic canadian socks comfy and cute
10//a good good read

**I will add the links durring nap time!!**


Hello there! I am back from a small hiatus we've got a busy busy couple of months ahead of us (in a wedding party, brian has a show, find a place to move by the end of this month YIKES, pack, move, family coming to visit, going to visit family) Send help if you please? 

Here is week the eight portraits! (finally)
Also part of the (embarrassing) reason it had taken me so long to post week eight is because I've had such a hard time narrowing it down! With my "editor's" (Aka Brian) we were only able to narrow it down to all of these, even though she is pretty much making the same face in much of the pictures! So again here is another photo heavy post! Ooops! We just think she is way.too.cute!!!!!!!!! 

Tunic//Old Navy
Leggings//Mini Boden via: Nordstrom

Toys are vintage Tupperware Toys called Zoo It Yourself

Sunday, February 24, 2013

little moments

earlier this week i started a new little project called little moments. it seems avery is always doing things that make think "never forget this little moment" or "don't forget to tell brian about this when he gets home" so i now have alittle note book to write them down in as they happen!

i heard some stomping down the hall when I turned around there she was with the biggest smile on her face wearing my shoes the first picture is avery telling me to lay down and go night night with her on the floor//we then made some corn bread (nothing special from a box) she insisted on wearing my moccasins while standing on the stool to help me//she has become such a good little helper!

here are a few "little moments" I've written down since I started this little project:

//we were sitting one the couch sharing cherrios talking about what she dreamt about durring her nap when she made me take a drink of milk from her sippy cup (I dont like milk) after I took a drink she gave me a big hug and cuddled//

//after i told avery i loved her she told me she loved dada, dada loved avery, dada loved mama, mama loved dada, mama loves baby and bebe loves mama. It was so cute for her to make that connection//

//she came to me grabbed both my hands told me "up" as soon as i stood she started dancing with me holding both my hands//

oh how i treasure these little moments and hope i never forget

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

week 7 of the 52 week project

week 7 of the 52 week project! 
(note to self maybe limit time of taking pictures? I keep ending up with too many to choose from)
Avery's valentines day outfit
p.s. i've added a new "52 week" tab where you can see all the current selected pictures!

top//vintage, etsy
shoes//old navy

thought I'd include this little moment, she had us all laying down in the grass going "night night" it was the best 

Monday, February 18, 2013

A first birthday party

Earlier this week we helped with a party for a little friend named Piper who turned one!!! I was pretty impressed with how well it came along considering the short amount of time it was put together! I (sort of) helped with the decorations but I mostly ended up keeping the babies busy (I couldn't have been happier than I was covered in two babies ... does that sound weird?) Of course I had to bring my camera along so here are some photos from this lovely little gathering 

pretty little birthday girl!
I made this little fox pillow for Piper for her birthday. I'll be making Avery one too seeing as she kept looking at it!
watching the little ones interact and build friendships, doing their own things seriously makes my heart melt!
poor Piper! Every single strand was standing on end!
you know it was a good party when towards the end all babies took turns laying down on the ground going "night night"
 Thank you Mary, Zack and Piper for a lovely evening, the party turned out beautifully glad we lucky enough to be apart of it!

I have to admit I've already been thinking about Avery's second birthday for at least a month now. After attending this party in comparison to Avery's first birthday I'm definitely thinking small is the way to go! Much less hectic, crazy and stressful more intimate, relaxed and fun! I'm excited for Avery's upcoming birthday party but how about we just throw a party without the part where my baby turns TWO YEARS OLD!!

 p.s. Avery was featured on MINe style blog as one of their Fashion Friends the other day! Check out the post here! The ladies behind Min_estyle are so kind and have their own little fashionistas too! Check out the rest of their blog if your into mini fashion!