Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Avery turned one!!!

First off I'm going to start by saying we STILL don't have internet, we decided to wait to get internet until after the birthday madness that we call the month of june. I have discovered it is very hard going to a place with internet, try to get things done, while watching a little one that only wants to be on the move! (did I mention she crawls and attempts to walk anywhere and everywhere at all times!!) We finally plan on getting internet this month!! Yay!!

In other news...

And gosh how much she has changed and grown this past month!! Suddenly she started:
communicating more
almost walking
clapping when she does something that makes her proud or happy
standing everywhere
and just being more independent!! (eek!)
Though It has been so much fun to watch her personality develop! She is always finding ways to make me laugh and fall in love with her even more! On her birthday we took her swimming for the first time! I know its sad we waited so long especially in Arizona! She absolutely loved it, in fact in may be the most fun she has ever had yet!
(someone has better photos of night somewhere!)

Her party was planned to be on the 29th but we had a late night ER visit the 28th night/29th morning. Avery had a tourniquet on her toe (a hair wrapped around tightly on her toe!!) It was so sad seeing kids hurt and sick. Avery had spent the day with my grandma and they had noticed it around 4 or 5 and didn't tell me about it until 10pm!! (bad grandma!) all that matters now though is that avery is okay now! She came out with just a deep cut around her toe that surprisingly doesn't seem to bother her, trying to get her to not walk on it is a whole another story.....

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