Thursday, August 2, 2012

A first birthday party!

So here are Avery's first birthday pictures!! (finally!)
Better late than never right? ;)

Oil Pan chalk board that had all of Avery's birth stats! (Thanks JenlovesKev for the DIY)

 Birthday cakes! Made them myself! Made the middle one ombre in shades of mint to teal to give guests a little surprise, matched Avery's dress... yes I'm silly like that!

My grandma made this for Avery I had one when I was little too!

Cake time!! She loved all the attention while we sang to her, laughed and clapped and yay-ed (?) the whole time!!

Looks promising!

Not so sure about it..
 and not liking the frosting! Definitely does not get that from momma!

 Yay!! (while proudly clapping hands)

 Oh how I love her!!

 Look she's as big as me!

 Her poor bandaged foot that took us to the ER and post-poned her party by a day.

 Baby and Poppa can match now!

 Avery literally took off with the walker we got her (even though she wasn't supposed to be walking shhh..) wish we would've caught it on video!! Too cute!

 The center of attention!

 and riding back to the party!

A few other adorable shots 

Grandpa, Auntie and uncle!

Four generations!

 The banner that has stayed up that I made from a little golden book

The next morning was a blast playing with new things!

and to end with my favorite picture of Avery and I from the party!

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