Saturday, February 25, 2012

Springtime wishlist

I consider myself more of a fall/winter typer person but with spring and summer so quickly approaching (it's already quite warm here in AZ!) I am finding myself wanting more spring/summer inspired things than usual for Avery and I. So I thought I'd share a few:
 1. Shabby Apple Overboard Dress
I have been loving gingham lately although I dont even own one piece of it! Sad I know. This Shabby Apple dress screams summer and I love it's 50's silhouette. I first saw this dress on blogger kristine from Kristineorpolly and I totally fell in love. It's be a splurge I'm not quite ready to make I'm sure it'll be worth it if I do. Avery's first birthday is in june and I picture myself wearing this dress (yes I'm already planning her first birthday party)
2. Mushroom stool!
Okay so this wish list isn't entirely clothing or accessories for myself it also contains random things for myself or Avery. Ever since I saw an extremely adorable version on I knew I wanted one for Avery's nursery but the one from anthro had a hefty price tag so I patiently waited and kept an eye on it to go on sale and somehow I missed it and it sold out before I could snatch one. After that disappointment I searched high and low for something simular but every time I found one that could somewhat compare, it wouldn't ship to the US!! Well to make this story a little shorter the other day an answer to my problem came when I came across this cute little stool on Modcloth!! Yay!! Thank you Modcloth! I can't wait to put it in front of a (replica) eames rocker!!
3. Allright so these next ones are the thing thats on your wishlist but have a very low probability of ever actually owning as much as I love them. These platforms from Madewell are exactly what I've been looking for! Unfortunately I can't justify the price tag so unless they go on sale and miraculously still have my size I will only be wearing them in my dreams.. when I sleep. Boo :(
4. Fujifilm Instax camera. What better way to capture all those fun moments outdoors? I think this is what I will ask Brian to get me for my birthday hehe. Avery and I plan on visiting my Dad and his family this summer and they want to take us to the beach one of these will be perfect for the occasion! (I miss when you could but polaroid film at any convenience store!!)

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  1. you should check out h&m i just got nude heels just like those madewell ones for $30! and the mushroom stool would be a perfect addition to an eames rocker! thats on my wishlist :)