Saturday, February 25, 2012

words cannot express

I love this baby girl more than I even knew I was physically capable of! Yesterday she woke up with a cough and as the day went on the cough decided to stick around and also invited it's friend the sniffles. It breaks my heart to know she is getting sick, for the first time!! Today I may take her to urgent care even though it's most likely just a cold that needs to run it's course. I know docs don't really give much to babes when they're sick if it's not necessary I'm just worried that it could turn into something serious! (yes I am a guilty worry wort mother right now) I was really hoping that we could go to the renaissance fair this weekend but oh well that can wait! We need to get baby girl feeling better! I wish I didn't work so much this weekend but atlas they're short shifts! I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Looks my weekend will consist of giving lots of momma cuddles!

p.s. I seriously can't wait to start doing outfit posts!! Unfortunately still no luck finding my camera charger, will keep you updated on any progress the search makes.

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