Friday, March 9, 2012

Our visit to the hospital

Last week we had to bring Avery to the hospital, turns out she had RSV! :( We brought here back to urgent care a couple nights after the first time and they tested her there and told us she had RSV and that we should take her to a hospital. 

I have to admit I got a little emotional when the Doc told us. I thought putting Avery back into the hospital when she had worked so hard months ago to get out of the Nicu would be really hard but I was surprised as we drove up to the place we had gone too so many times those 8 weeks last summer that I actually felt slightly at home. Weird huh? Never though I'd say that about a hospital. Just shows that it doesn't matter where you are as long as your with your loved ones you're home.

Once there they took us back examined her and of course Avery was smiley and happy and just wanted to play durring the first examination and the Docs looked at us like "is she really all that sick?" until she started coughing I dont think they really believed us. Then shortly after they suctioned her out (poor baby that was the hardest part of the night), gave her a breathing treatment and inhaler, made sure she could eat and keep it down, gave her an x-ray and thankfully sent us home after a few hours. 

The next day Avery was back to having horrible coughing spasms and I thought I was going to have to bring her back but as the day went on she got much better and the next day you would hardly even know she had been so sick the week before! I am amazed at how strong (and brave) such a little young baby girl can be, we are so fortunate!

We also got to keep this cute little xray of her perfect little chest!! Every time I look at I just get so in awe I dont know why (I'm even tempted to frame it! Strange I know..) I cant help but feel so proud of baby girl for keeping a smile on her little face no matter what challenges she comes across. Its something I and I'm sure others can learn from! It's so funny how babies even have things to teach their parents when you think it's usually the other way around!

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  1. I hope your little one is doing better. RSV is deffinetly not fun and it hurts so bad to see little ones sick., I came across your blog and love it!