Wednesday, March 7, 2012

outfits/lot's of wind/itty bitty toms

Hello! Today Avery and I tried to take some outfit pictures (by ourselves!) and let me tell you it was no easy task but we got a couple decent ones thankfully. The wind was crazy today!!

On Me: Top// Forever 21// Skirt// Brand is lush (I'm so sorry I don't remember where I purchased it online)// Shoes// Target// Necklace// Charming Charlie (where I work!)//
On Avery: Top// H&M, it even has elbow pads!// Jeggings// Gift// Shoes// Toms// Headband// Mesa Third Fridays street vendor//
This is a comfy go-to outfit. I normally wear heels with this skirt because I'm afraid of the awkward length making me look shorter than I already am but today was just a ballet flat sort of day. Avery's outfit is one of my favorites of her many cute outifts! I wish I could find her sweater in my size!!

I just love her so. This is probably my favorite photo of the bunch. Avery's little toms have little white math equations on them!! Meep!! So cute!

 Look at those baby elbow patches!! I die! I wish you could see in this photo the cutest biggest smile she was giving me right in this moment.

Avery liked playing with the tree? It was also pretty hard trying to catch her smile with a ten second timer! Next time hopefully I can have someone help me take photos!

 The photo I thought would turn out cute but actually didn't. Oh well! Notice my belt coming undone.

*Don't worry next time I hope the photos will be more consistant! It is a challenge setting up a tripod, camera, camera settings, timer, trying to look decent, all with a baby on your hip and crazy wind blowing in your face!! Yay for no Iphone pics!!

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