Thursday, August 9, 2012

One year anniversary of Avery's Nicu graduation!!!

One year ago today we were to very scared, excited, anxious, nervous, joyous and emotional parents about to take home our very tiny and precious bundle of joy. (whew that's gotta be my record for most used adjectives) 
We were about to finally take our baby home from the Nicu after 45 long hard days! I don't even know where to start on how this makes me feel. Happy shes healthy, proud for how far shes come, sad she even had to be in the Nicu at all, guilty (was it something I did that caused early labour?). I dont think anyone fully understands how I feel about today, june 25th, or even Aug 30th (avery's due date) and the mixed emotions that come with those days but that's okay. I know I need to not focus on the what if's or how comes or what could've/should've happened. 
So I'm going to take a step forward and keep this post positive from here on! The Nicu was actually not all bad, we met some amazing nurses, we got alot of help and advice in that first couple months that most parents are on thier own with, we didnt have to change every diaper, we could sleep through the night if we wanted and I pretty much avoided the hot summer heat of arizona being in the hospital the majority of last summer!! Well here are some photos or our stay in the NICU!

Avery's little section in the Nicu before she got her own room

The nurses made us a cute scrapbook page to take home!

Oh so precious

Just to put things in perspective, my hand is smaller than the average adults

Feeding tube time!

just getting a little tan ;)

Still can't believe how small she really was!

So itty bitty!


I just can't believe how far shes come! I don't think I even had a clue when we were in the nicu of all the happiness she would bring!!

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