Sunday, October 14, 2012


On friday night we went to show to see one of our favorite bands and this happend,
in front of hundreds of people... ahhh!!!
Not how I thought I would happen, I can be pretty shy so you can imagine how nervous I was! Though looking back now I know he put so much work making it happen and it was really special, I'm also really happy that we have photos of it happening, he even got press passes for our video savvy friends and they recorded the whole thing! Can't wait to get the edited video!!
Gosh I am one lucky lady.
I was also trying to upload a video our friend Masha took on her phone but facebook wont let me so I'll have her send it to me. 
I am ecstatic and have already bought bridal magazines, started looking for a venue (anyone know of anything in arizona I dont want the traditional hotel/resort/casino thing) and having started an already lengthy pin board on pintrest (haha) and yes have started looking at dresses already (bhldn just put my dream dress on sale for 4400, still pricey? but I don't know if I want vintage or new or even what shape!) 
Oh boy. I think I am in trouble. 
We havent set a date yet but we are thinking a year or year and a half or so. We will see! Where do I even begin??????

P.s. I LOVE that I get to call him my Fiance now and even better that the rest of our lives are officially going to be spent together :) so excited to see what is in store for us. Am I still dreaming?

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