Sunday, October 21, 2012

All about Avery

 This post is all about Avery! Thought I'd give a little update about what she has been up to, what new things she has learned, what are some of her favorite things are and of course what she is wearing!

This little sweater has appeared the blog before (can't believe it still fits!)

Avery has a natural faux mohawk, always has! Want to know the funny thing about it? I've actually had people ask me if I purposely cut her hair that way! Hahaha the answer is no

Whats that? You think I'm pretty cute? Oh I know!

Avery will be 16 months on the 25th!! Where does time go?? So what has this little lady been up to?
Well some of her favorite things to do:
Feeling and touching
Laughing and smiling

Words she knows:
Dah dah, Mah mah, mmii (milk), dea dea (dance dance), Bah...(Long pause).. bah (bye bye), Da per (diaper), bee bee (car horn), meeo (meow), hai deah (hi dear), whaat?? (what), waa(pause)terrr (water), aeaaeee (yay!!), bee be (baby)

Signs she knows:
Eat, drink, sleep, tired, more, all done, bath, phone, hi, bye, hat, dog, milk, diaper, read, gentle, light, toothbrush, quiet ... hmm I'm probably missing some

We are absolutely loving getting to know Avery's personality she is so much fun, so curious, caring and sweet, lovable too. She can also have a little attitude too though as we are finding out recently! 
She is definitely a little lady even when she is going crazy she still does it in a lady like way (it's hard to describe) when we go on play dates even the other parents say something about it! It's funny after being home with her for a week and not seeing other children I forget this little trait of hers until we spend time with other children. At the end of the week I'll be thinking about how crazy she has been or how she has had a little attitude but she is actually pretty well behaved and I think we forget that sometimes.
Avery has also become quite independent! She's okay with going and playing by herself even durring a play date when there's tons of other babies and their parents close by when months ago she would've wanted to be by my side. Sometimes she'll just sit back and watch the other kids it's really cute to see, or she'll go explore on her own. I do want her to start playing with other kids more so i'm looking into a play group or class we can take! Any recommendations for an Arizona Mommy?
 We are amazed every day by how smart she is! We just wonder where did she learn that?? Earlier this week she has playing with a toy car at a friends house and she was rolling and "driving" it around on the floor like a car really does! We dont have toy cars at home and dont think she has ever been shown to do that did she learn that all on her own?? So amazing. She loves learning new things, we always cheer her on so when ever she learns something new or does something she's proud of or thinks we should be proud of too shell look at us with a big grin and go aeaaeee and clap her hands as we say yay and clap along too! She loves getting into things (of course) she will pull the contents out (drawers, boxes, laundry baskets etc..) and sometimes put them back along with other things that don't belong and she will continue to do it for awhile! Her favorite lately has been putting random items into the bath tub, I always have a laugh before I shower at the things I have to take out of the bath first!

I could probably go on and on about Avery (what parent couldn't though?)
But gosh, I am loving this age! I do look forward to her talking more though, Sometimes she gets frustrated because she cant tell us exactly what she wants but with lots of pointing and asking questions we can usually figure it out. I'm so glad we taught her baby sign it has helped tremendously I highly recommend it! 

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