Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby and Daddy outfits! Tea Collection, Gumby and a Vintage button up.

 First off, How cute is she? Secondly this post was originally going to be all about Avery and what she's been up to but "Dah dah" decided to jump in on the photos so it will now be a what baby and daddy wore!  I'll do the Avery post later this week!

Avery loves to clap especially when she does something she's proud of and she looks at us to clap along with her!

She also loves to dea dea (dance, dance) she will stop every 10 seconds if she's in the mood for it to do another dance session, very adorable but also makes walking and getting somewhere a long process. She also expects us to dance along with her and we sure do! No matter where we are and who's looking!

 We know how you feel gumby, she wears us out too! She sure does make every day and moment fun though!

What Avery is wearing: Dress// Tea Colletion, Leggings// Old Navy, Vintage Shoes// Etsy.

Theses two :)

 Brian probably wont like that I put this one up but I think it's too cute not to! A few seconds before they had been dancing together (I really wanted that shot but my camera froze on me) and Avery decided she was done and ran away I love how it looks like she is saying bye dah! The face and pose that Brian is making is EXACTLY how Avery looks when she dances. Too funny I know where she gets her moves from!

Another that Brian may not like because of the face he is making but look at the way Avery is looking at him! Ah it kills me! You can see how much she adores him!

 Gumby is a good teether (he was mine when I was a child! Even has teeth marks from me!)

 If only you could hear her laugh

 What Brian wore: Vintage Button Up// Meat Market, Jeans// Levis, Watch// Timex, Hat// Target.
The yellow band on his wrist is from Friday when he proposed I wonder when he will take it off :)

As we were finishing up Avery started playing with rocks (not my favourite thing for her to do) But brian asked if she could take home a souvenir and for some reason that kind of melted my heart so I said yes and when we got home we washed all of our hands and gave the two rocks that were chosen a really good bath. Hahaha Iʻm wondering if this is going to turn into something and our daughter will end up with a mason jar full of rocks, as long as she doesn't eat them or leave them laying around everywhere I think Iʻd be okay with that. Parenting is so fun and Iʻm so lucky to have these two!

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