Saturday, October 27, 2012

First family pumpkin patch outing

A few pictures from our first family pumpkin patch trip! (from my camera and brian's iphone)

It was so funny watching avery trying to pick up pumpkins bigger than she is!//So many pumpkins!//She has grown so much I'll love to take a picture next year to see how much she has grown//I love dressing her!//She saw a dog and got so excited, she wouldnt stop doing baby sign for dog hehehe//Dada caught me taking a picture of Avery//siting on a tractor//another pumpkin she was trying to pick up//running at the speed and speeding around the pumpkin patch//dada and avery found the perfect pumpkin//gosh I love her face//neatest little forest picnic area (picture does no justice!

We didn't go to a pumpkin patch last year (Avery was still on a strict NICU schedule and was so young) but boy am I glad we went this year Avery had SO much fun! So much fun in fact that we want to invite some friends and go again before it closes! Ooops I forgot to take a picture of the little pumpkin Avery decorated with halloween stickers, she was so proud of herself (and so were we!) it was so cute!! Does your family go to the pumpkin patch every year? I look forward to making new traditions with my little family! :) What are some of your favorite holiday traditions you and your family do?

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  1. oh my goodness- can you say adorable? Not to mention, I totally wish her pants came in my size!!! xo