Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall & winter essentials

Time sure goes fast! We've been busy over here doing some fall cleaning (I prefer fall cleaning rather than spring cleaning I like the house uber clean for the holiday!) Making holiday plans, looking into all things wedding, deciding what to do about our housing situation (our lease is up in january and we arent sure if we should extend the lease or start looking for somewhere else or seriously start our seattle move plans!) and enjoying the stage Avery is in!

And if all that isn't exciting enough the high last week was in the 60's! Whooo finally! I'm not lying when I say that it has been in the 80's up until this recently, even this week has gone back into the 70's. I have to seriously stop myself from putting on sweaters, tights and hats on avery and accidentaly cooking her!

So now that we actually have fall weather I can finally wear fall clothing with out getting heat stroke,
Here's a little fall wish list of essentials for fall (and winter although what we get here in AZ is hardly winter). Since the weather can be rather unpredictable warm one day cold the next, cold in the mornings warm in the afternoon cool in the evenings, layers are the way to go so throughout the day you can take a piece of here later when it's cooler add a few layers then.

** I may have gone over board with this list (I couldn't stop myself!) but fall is my favorite time of the year in many ways so I think that makes it okay :) p.s color scheme was accidental funny how that happens dont you think? At least I know what colors I'm into lately!

1. A good pair of boots. 
At the tip toppity of my list are these frye mellisa button tab boots! I honestly dont really own a good pair of boots especially riding boots (my legs are always too skinny) but when I saw these at nordstroms I fell in love not to mention they didnt seem to swim around my non existent calves! My altime favorite pair of shoes I own are some t straps from frye (scored at nordstrom rack) they are so comfortable. well made and look good with just about anything! Of course these boots are out of my price range but hopefuly come next fall i'll have saved up for them!

2. Fall dresses in shades of fall to layer with tights, boots, cardigans and sweaters
//all dresses here//

3. Tights to wear with boots and heels to keep legs warm in dresses and skirts (not to mention they add something extra, a little more intrest to an outfit don't you think?)
//tights here//

4. A good structured coat I'm especially partial to mod inspired, peplum, and military all in a color a little more less traditional rather than dark heavy winter colors.
//coats here//

5. Comfortable sweaters with cute graphics great for reading by a fire with coffee in hand, cute with jeans or skirts!
//polka dots//all others here//

6. Skinny jeans that wont add bulk in a boot (bring on the mustards, browns, navy courdorys and mint which may seem a  little out of place but how cute would it look with the polka dotted sweater above?)
//brown and mint here//navy courdory//mustard

 7.Cute collared tops to layer under sweaters, cardigans and even dresses too
//all tops here//

8. Cardigans because they are just so easy to wear and can often complete an outfit (My favorite kind are the ones with elbow pads)
//all cardigans here//

9. Okay so this isn't on everyones list but I'd love a smaller and more grown-up diaper bag now that Avery is getting older and I'm not having to bring as much with me at all times.

I seriously could go on and on and on with the list (leggings, skirts, scarves, etc.. etc..) but I think this is a good stopping point

Okay now time for a disclaimer you could say. I'm just going to be honest. Will I be getting majority of this list? DEFINITELY not, will I be getting a couple or few things from this list? Not even that is very likely. I know (from personal experience) that all these fall wish list that are EVERYWHERE can be pretty discouraging many of us are on budgets. A new fall wardrobe for me is on the absolute bottom of our list, and I'm totally okay with that(most of the time)! A sweater for Avery is so much more worth it than a sweater for me. BUT for whatever reason window shopping (or perhaps you could call it "screen" shopping hehehe) makes me feel a little better like just imaging wearing these outfits make me feel a little better and sometimes inspire me to wear things I already own in new ways, give me a little inspiration. For whatever reason this past week every morning I have just sat there staring at my closet thinking I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR and I think if only I could get a few new things so I knew it was time for a little internet retail therapy and you know what? I feel a little better! So If your feeling a little down because you dont have the latest trends this fall or your lacking inspiration in the wardrobe department just know your not the only one and there are other ways to spice things up, there are DIY's, 5 dollar tights at target that can make a dress look entirely different, or combinations you havent thought of (I recently saw a pin for a yellow sweater with a gray skirt I have both and never would've thought of pairing them! Well rant over! What do you do when your feeling discouraged when it comes what to wear? 

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  1. riding boots and tights for the win!!! :D great picks, dear! :D

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