Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Lately we've been trying to go on more family adventures especially ones that don't cost money and most of the time it means walking around a familiar or new place that we "always mean to check out" Avery couldn't be happier running around exploring somewhere new and of course making new friends wherever she goes!

Which should I use for week 3?

Little bunny ears

 It kills me when she holds her purse like this! She will stop make sure her purse is on, fold her little arm and walk around with that little hand clutch towards her chest! Oh my heart!

 Uh oh bunny took a tumble! It takes a lot of concentration getting bunny back in!

 Not my best photo I've ever taken but I love this cocentrated little face of exploration.

P.s. We've been battling sickness off and on over here! I'm stil playing catch up, I'll get there one day right? (I hope!)

Dress// Gift
Knee Socks// Zara Baby
Shoes// Zara Baby
Purse// Gift

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