Friday, February 1, 2013

All things heart shaped

 It seems most people either love or loathe Valentine's day. I am one of those people who find most things with hearts all over them to be too cutesy for year round so I like to take advantage of the one time a year that it's okay. Here are a few things I have come across to pamper yourself (no Valentine necessary) to help you get into the Valentine's day mood!

**If you are one of those people who may get queasy at the sight of another Valentine's day goodies this may not be the post for you**

Pamper and relax yourself! The cute little mushroom bath bomb is only around for the holiday! Not to mention all of the lush products are vegan!


To get your heart shape accessory fix, think hair clips, bags, headband pins and more!

A comfortable and cute shoe perfect for the holiday!

L.O.V.E Bling

I love this dress!! (or should I say I "heart" this dress? Too much? Yeah probably..)

Baking goodies
Heart shaped baking supplies to bake some cookies or cupcakes to deliver to friends and family? Perhaps some of these Cranberry white chocolate cookies?


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