Friday, February 8, 2013


A lovely cloudy day that consisted of a snack time picnic on the steps of the Mesa Art Center. Unfortunately the next few days following this Avery came down with fever so we cured it with:
Ice cream
Pocoyo and  Finding Nemo (we don't normally let her watch T.v)
long Naps
long baths
circus tent pitching in the living room
lots of fluids
and extra cuddles
Luckily  we were able to get rid of that fever in a few days without a trip to the doctors!

Watching a dog walk by (she LOVES animals)//pointing at  the dog across the street//kissing the doggy mural (numerous times) and yes I totally let her kiss a dirty wall! Too cute not to let her but don't worry I did clean her afterwards//the photo I may use for 5/52!// "mmmmm mmmm mmmm" Aka: Mama kiss me//her favorite thing to eat: apples!!!//getting down from the step//watching dada they were going back and forth conducting the church bells//the sign for hat

Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far!

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