Monday, February 11, 2013


Earlier this week (very last minute I might add) we decided to go to the mesa arts center before some of our plans later that night. I do wish we would've planned on it a little better because it was actualy a great way to spend some family time! I'm not sure why we hadn't yet ventured into the mesa arts center until then, we always go on walks outside the building and admission is free so that is no excuse either. Photography isn't aloowed inside the gallery though I wish it was just so I could show you how cute Avery was being looking at all the art. I'd take her to one piece she would look at it with such a serious expression sometimes she would smile or laugh most of the time once she was done looking at it she would let me know by nodding her little head and that was my que to take her to the next one. Halfway through she asked to walk and she always surprises me when we go to any sort of "look dont touch" thing because she will get right up to it and examine it so closely but If i remind her not to touch she wont! Gallery staff usually watches her nervously and I cant help but to feel a hint of satisfaction once they see she is no harm and usually become frieds with Avery! (she seems to make friends wherever we go!) There was one Piece I did have to keep her away from, there was this beautiful rocking chair that avery just wanted to rock on!  Unfortunately we arrived about 35 minutes before closing so we sort of rushed through all the galleries next time I definitwly want to go earlier! Looking back at these reminds me how cold it was that day! I am loving this cloudy cold front we've been having especially since I'm sure hot arizona weather is right around the corner!

* I'm sorry for another photo heavy post! She is just too cute!!*

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