Sunday, February 24, 2013

little moments

earlier this week i started a new little project called little moments. it seems avery is always doing things that make think "never forget this little moment" or "don't forget to tell brian about this when he gets home" so i now have alittle note book to write them down in as they happen!

i heard some stomping down the hall when I turned around there she was with the biggest smile on her face wearing my shoes the first picture is avery telling me to lay down and go night night with her on the floor//we then made some corn bread (nothing special from a box) she insisted on wearing my moccasins while standing on the stool to help me//she has become such a good little helper!

here are a few "little moments" I've written down since I started this little project:

//we were sitting one the couch sharing cherrios talking about what she dreamt about durring her nap when she made me take a drink of milk from her sippy cup (I dont like milk) after I took a drink she gave me a big hug and cuddled//

//after i told avery i loved her she told me she loved dada, dada loved avery, dada loved mama, mama loved dada, mama loves baby and bebe loves mama. It was so cute for her to make that connection//

//she came to me grabbed both my hands told me "up" as soon as i stood she started dancing with me holding both my hands//

oh how i treasure these little moments and hope i never forget

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