Friday, March 8, 2013


Hello there! I am back from a small hiatus we've got a busy busy couple of months ahead of us (in a wedding party, brian has a show, find a place to move by the end of this month YIKES, pack, move, family coming to visit, going to visit family) Send help if you please? 

Here is week the eight portraits! (finally)
Also part of the (embarrassing) reason it had taken me so long to post week eight is because I've had such a hard time narrowing it down! With my "editor's" (Aka Brian) we were only able to narrow it down to all of these, even though she is pretty much making the same face in much of the pictures! So again here is another photo heavy post! Ooops! We just think she is way.too.cute!!!!!!!!! 

Tunic//Old Navy
Leggings//Mini Boden via: Nordstrom

Toys are vintage Tupperware Toys called Zoo It Yourself

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