Friday, March 8, 2013

It's been (or was) raining all night and morning and well, rainy days are my FAVORITE! There's just something about them! They make me want to cuddle up in bed with some hot tea or coffee and a good read maybe watch a movie and later go splashing in puddles! Needless to say it's sunny now and the puddles are already drying up (come on arizona!) Our big move up to Seattle cannot come soon enough! Here's a little wish list of some rainy day goodies!

1//pillow to relax with
2//a lovely kettle (perfect companion for a chemex) from my newest favorite shop
3//cozy blanket in one of my favorite colors
4//what's a rainy day without some yummy chocolate especially when it's got such awesome packaging!
5//comfy sweater with the cutest elbow pads
6//love this enamel mug
7//constellation mug is pretty neat too!
8//tea cup printed button down?? YES PLEASE!
9//classic canadian socks comfy and cute
10//a good good read

**I will add the links durring nap time!!**

1 comment:

  1. Hello,
    I purchased two dresses from your Instagram store a month ago and have never received them. From what it looks like several others have yet to receive their items as well.
    I would appreciate a refund of $28.50.