Monday, February 27, 2012

My 8 month old with a cold

Here's a little update about Avery! 
Late last night we decided to go to urgent care. Turns out she has an upper respiratory infection. I knew most likely that we were going to be told that we just had to wait it out but it's better to be safe than sorry and I knew Avery was miserable which is what concerned me the most. So off we went to urgent care at ten and didn't get back until one in the morning all for the doctor to just to tell us to give her lots of support and love. Honestly I really don't mind I just needed to know it wasn't anything serious. Hopefully tonight her coughs will let her sleep! Luckily today she has been more of the happy smiley girl she usually is!! Here are some pictures we took at urgent care, can you tell we were bored? We were only there waiting around for three hours! 
Oh and I also ordered a camera charger yesterday so soon there will be a whole lot less iphone pictures!! Yay!!! Avery also turned 8 months old! Poor thing had to start it out in urgent care.

Avery patiently waiting in daddy's arms//Avery being a big girl//me comforting her when she wasn't feeling well, the sad look on her face breaks my heart//when we got home I was looking through my photos and found this close up avery must've taken of herself while we were waiting! Can you tell she was trying to eat my phone?

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