Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby and Momma outfits, Vintage dresses, and a horrible camera

I would love to start doing more outfit posts I just get so easily discouraged by my point and shoot's poor quality. Theres been a few times where we go out and take pictures but end up refusing to post them because frankly my phone could probably take better pictures. I've since decided that I'm going to make the best with what I have and not let it stop me (so just bear with the quality) until one day I own an DSLR! I may just switch to film I have a nice medium format that takes beautiful shots but it's also more expensive, takes more time, and with it being so hard to get a good shot of a hyperactive toddler each shot that doesn't work would literally be a waste unlike digital where you can just shoot and shoot as much as your memory card can hold.

That smile!

What's that yellow thing in her hand? Pikachu!

I look awkward in this one but Avery looks cute!

On Baby: Dress - Vintage, Shoes - Zara Baby, Lacey socks - Gift
On Momma: Dress - Vintage, Belt - Anthropologie, Shoes - Target

Hopefully these get a little better we had only not even ten minutes to take these photos and along with the wind, crazy hyper baby, poor camera that had no memory space I'm actually surprised we got a few shots that worked! Of course the cutest one came out blurry though but so it goes! Avery's dress is one of my favorite vintage outfits we own I got it from a shop my closet on instagram. Her shoes I got durring Zara's last sale they have the cutest little embroidery on the toes next time I'll try to get a shot of them!
My dress I scored at a clothing resale shop I had sold some clothes and it was even marked down so it was basically free! I want to say it was only around 5-10 dollars anyways though! Perfect condition and has adorable pockets on the front. Whenever I wear it I feel 50's housewifey and seem to get more done (though it could just be in my head) It was probably the first wearable vintage piece I found! I was wearing different shoes earlier in the day but we were about to do some walking so I switched last minute I tend to pair red, yellow and blue together without meaning too!

I'm pretty excited about our next chapter in life, some of what we have in store for us:
-planning a wedding
-getting more dedicated to selling vintage and handmade on Etsy
-planning our move to seattle
-avery's first halloween where she will actually (hopefully) enjoy herself
-first christmas where she will sort of know what's going on
-having more time to blog!
-Brian's new promotion at work!

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  1. Both of your frocks are so adorable! I hate when the best of the bunch come out blurry... especially those candid captures. I think these are quite darling and impressive as you only had 10 minutes and the little one too!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog