Thursday, November 29, 2012

California beach trip photos! Pt. 1

We are back from our trip to California! I didn't bring my camera but we took lots of pictures from brian's iphone 5 (honestly his phone probably would've taken better pictures than my camera anyways)  the first part of these photos are from the first day we arrived and the second part is from the last day of the trip we woke up early so we could make one more beach trip. Avery didn't go the first day she stayed behind with grandma and took a very much needed nap. I'm so glad we made time to take her on the last day because she had SO MUCH FUN! I honesty didn't  think shed enjoy herself much because last time she seemed uneasy about the ocean but this time with dada along I think she felt much more comfortable and instead dada was uneasy about her getting too wet, or getting carried away by a wave or getting carried away by a seagull (yes he actually said that! haha) She just wanted to run into the ocean and bury her toes in the sand it was so cute!
Since we took quite a number of photos I though I'd break it up into two parts, the beach photos and then all the other photos 

 Brian called me over because he had something to show me, this is what awaited :)

 My brother found this intact clam shell

My little sister and I

And now from our last day of our trip

 We found a starfish!

I LOVE this photo but I only wish my frustrating phone had saved the original non filtered photo :(

Part 2 coming soon! 

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