Monday, December 24, 2012

This little lady

Avery has been so unbelievably sweet lately!! She did something earlier I just had to share with someone! We finally took her to take photos with Santa today (bad idea waiting so late but it turned out alright) Well anyways today while Dada was waiting in line (such a good man) Avery and I rode the carousel and while she was already killing me with cute by waving to everyone saying hi haii hii then petting the bear we were riding saying guud behr gud behrr she did something I wish I could relive ten times over then ten more again. She looks up and me and gives me this look like I love you thank you for taking me on the ride she then wraps her arm on my shoulder and around my neck brings me in close to her head cuddles for a moment then KISSES MY CHEEK! Kid you not! I wanted to die right there! Gosh I love doing things that make her happy and moments like that make it that much better!

As if that weren't enough, tonight while I was putting her to sleep I was laying down with her (lately she has been going to sleep like a big girl without nursing) I've been singing her to sleep or even just laying with her or patting her back. She was laying next to me and I thought she was well on her way to slumberland but she suddenly sits up looks at me and rests her head on my chest and closes her eyes again as I laid there smiling for a good while I thought I'd lay her down so I can finishing wrapping up some gifts. I barely shift my weight not even moving her yet but her eyes open wide she looks right at me grabs the side of my face scoots up closer to me and brings my face right next to hers literally touching so I start humming and patting her back again and put her back to sleep. What have I done to deserve such love? I am blessed beyond comprehension and sooo thankful for every little breath she takes, every little smile she gives me and even every tear I wouldn't trade momma-hood for anything especially with the special little girl! Her little smile she gives me in the morning when she wakes up will always be the best christmas gift I could ever ask for!

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